Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Clean your Face

1 Clean your face the right way. Use a gentle cleanser and cool or lukewarm water. Hot water and harsh soaps remove the natural oils from your skin making it look dull and rough. Let it air dry rather than using a towel. When your skin is still damp, apply a good moisturizer.

Take care of your Skin

2 Rub an ice cube all over your face before applying makeup. It closes your pores and makes your skin look more fresh and taut. Splashing cold water on your face can have a similar effect.

Exfoliate your Face

3 Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your face once a week. A homemade face pack containing ground gram flour, a spoonful of lemon juice, and a spoonful of curd is great for exfoliating your skin and works for most skin types.

Get rid of excessive Oiliness

4 Get rid of excessive oiliness. Oil build up causes skin to look dull, a very common problem in adolescents and young adults. Wipe your face with rosewater or any other toner that suits you several times a day. Applying a non comedogenic (that does not block skin pores) pressed powder foundation can also keep your skin looking fresh for a longer time. However, avoid washing your face with soap more than once or twice a day to reduce oiliness. Doing so can actually stimulate oil production.


5 Keep your skin hydrated from inside and out. Hydration from within means drinking plenty of water, eight glasses or more every day. Hydration from outside means applying generous quantities of a good moisturizer every day.

Right Vitamins

6 Get the right vitamins. Your diet has a direct impact on the luster and texture of your skin. Vitamin A and E in particular are needed to keep skin beautiful. Low-fat dairy products are a great source of getting plenty of Vitamin A for your skin. Green leafy vegetables, red and yellow fruits are also good sources of Vitamin A.

Prevent Anemia

7 Make sure you do not have anemia, i.e a deficiency of the oxygen carrying pigment called Hemoglobin and red blood cells. People who are anemic look pale and their skin looks dull. Iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia in women. Your doctor can suggest you iron supplement if you are anemic and also the right dietary changes.

Physical Activity

8 Get some physical activity every day. It boosts your blood circulation which is great for a clear complexion. It also helps with stress reduction, which in turn benefits your skin.

Limit Tea and Coffee

9 Limit tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking. The toxins in cigarette smoke damage the ability of your skin to repair itself. People who smoke develop wrinkles far sooner than those who do not. Tea, coffee and alcohol have a dehydrating effect and too much of it can make skin lusterless.


90 Last but not the least, try to get at least six hours of sleep at night and be regular with your bed time and waking up time. While you sleep, your skin works to repair all the damage caused during the day.

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