Records Set by Lionel Messi at FIFA World Cups

Messi stars in Argentina victory over Italy in La Finalissima
Messi stars in Argentina victory over Italy in La Finalissima

The legendary Argentinian forward is arguably regarded as the greatest footballer of all time. Among his many records, he is a seven time Ballon D’Or winner, a feat that nobody has accomplished yet. The only other footballer who has come close to Messi was Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi started his career as a pacy winger having dribbling skills which terrorised the defences in La Liga and European competitions alike. 

But as he grew up, he adapted his game to his strengths and became one of the deadliest and prolific forwards of all time. Combined with his tenacious drive to move forward and take on defences single-handedly, Lionel Messi has set a legacy for himself that will be talked for generations. FIFA World Cup 2022 will arguably be his last world cup he participates in and he will be hoping to go all the way to the world cup final 2022 and win the tournament. Lionel Messi has been an important part of his team for world cup qualification as he has found the back of the net 26 times and has created 10 assists for his teammates. 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification was important for the Argentinian side as they would want to use Messi to their advantage.

Today we look at some of the astonishing records set by Lionel Messi which won’t be broken any time soon. 

  1. Most Official MOTM awards overall

    Lionel Messi shares this award with Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben. He has won six Man of the Match awards at FIFA World Cups and will be hoping to add more to his name in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

  2. Most Successful Dribbles at the World Cup

    Only two players have completed more than 100 dribbles in a World Cup since 1966. A feat that hasn’t been repeated in almost 60 years. The first one is Lionel Messi with 110 and Diego Maradona is second with 105 successful dribbles. 

  3. Youngest Goalscorer for Argentina at a World Cup

    Youngest goalscorer was Pele when he played for Brazil, but for Argentina it was Lionel Messi. He was 18 years and 357 days old when he scored in the first 14 minutes of the match. This also made Messi the youngest player in Argentinian history. He broke two records twice in a single game.

  4. Youngest Player to Captain Argentina at a World Cup

    Lionel Messi was 22 years old when he became the captain of his national team. To do the honors, Maradona gave him the captain’s armband when they were going to play against Greece in 2010. 12 years later, and Lionel Messi is still the captain of the team, now being 35 years of age.

  5. Most Official MOTM awards in a single World Cup

    Lionel Messi’s run in 2014 World Cup will not be repeated again as he is the only person in history to win 5 man of the match awards, the most of any in the competitions history. With Argentina’s strong chances of going for the title of the World Cup, Messi could surpass that amount at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

  6. Only player to assist in 4 different World Cups

    Lionel Messi has been competing in the World Cups since 2006. For every iteration of the World Cup, since 2018, he has been providing an assist in each one. He will be looking to extend this record for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

  7. Only Player to score at a World Cup in his Teens, 20’s and 30’s

    Lionel Messi has been with Argentina since his teen years and now being a year 35 year athlete, he is the only player in the world to score in his early teens, entirety of his 20’s and 30’s. No player has done that feat. To be more specific, he scored in 2006 World Cup when he was 18, he scored in the 2014 World Cup when he was 26, and scored another goal at the 2018 World Cup when he was 31 years old. 


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