Pakistan Will Win Any War Against India

Pakistan will win any war against India

India has been debilitating war against Pakistan yet there is no war in which India can ever beat Pakistan. No Pakistani fears war. Everyone is overcome enough to set up a status web requesting war. For whatever length of time that I don’t need to battle in it, I bolster each war.


On the off chance that it improves me feel to transfer a spread photograph with the Pakistani banner, why would it be advisable for me to think about making social conditions. Where a huge number of individuals can bite the dust? I don’t think about bringing on mishaps out and about in the wake of painting both my auto’s windscreens green and white.

Pakistan will win any war against India


From numerous points of view, I am likewise a trooper. I have pursued a war against India for 10 years in Facebook remarks.

I am especially glad for every one of the times I have alluded to “India” as ‘End ya’. In each cricket match after India loses a wicket I tweet the accompanying: “In dia? Nahee, out dia.”

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Do you think a nation brimming with individuals who can concoct such hillarious plays on words can be vanquished by a nation where Katrina Kaif can win the Smita Patil Memorial Award?

India Can You Remember (World War I, World War II)?

Pakistan will win any war against India. World War I, World II, The American Civil War; we have never lost any war against India. Truth be told the most noticeably bad Pakistani execution in a war was by the performing artists in Bilal Lashari’s Waar.


Indeed, even there we beat India. Any individual who saw the motion picture Border and thought nobody can aggravate a promulgation motion picture disparaged the force of Pakistanis.


There is a motivation behind why we have the best spy organization on the planet. Each and every kid in Pakistan is prepared in spy missions. Attempting to get a young lady from her home in Karachi without her mom seeing is out and out a James Bond mission.

You need to mask yourself as the driver, deliberately stop the auto at a point. Where her mom can’t spot it from the rooftop and in the event that anyone approaches immediately be prepar to shout out, “Khuda ki kasam behan roughage meri.”


Samjota Express

For quite a long time the WWE has attempt to caution us of the odious plans of India’s spy office by shout out to us ‘Crude is WAR’ yet we never tuned in. He blind by uncle Aman’s little girl Asha and steamroll by the Samjhota express.


We always moved to the beat of India on all our mehndis and dholkis. They requested that our stylists give us the Shahrukh Khan hair style; too long have we took a stab at concealing our paunches in Salman Khan supported white terrible vests.


It is time we say nothing more will be tolerate and take part in a full scale war against India. Each Pakistani is equivalent to 60 Indians and 2+2 = 22.


Remember that India we will beat you on the cricket ground. We will beat India also at the fringe. We will go to Mars and beat their satellite there. So imagine a scenario where we don’t get water in the most luxurious territory of Karachi. Convictions are more ground than science and I trust we will win. I am certain Agha Waqar can fabricate us a satellite that keeps run on water.


Nawaz Sharif will beat Narendra Modi in an eating challenge. Shahid Afridi will beat Sachin Tendulkar in a ‘won’t resign’ challenge. Humayun Saeed will beat Shahrukh Khan in a ‘will at present play a 20 year old in motion pictures’ challenge.

Atif Aslam Will Beat Hismesh Reshamiya In Singing Challenge

Atif Aslam will beat Himesh Reshamiya in an auto tuning challenge. Bilal Khan will beat Katrina Kaif in a more fake British intonation challenge. Imran Khan will beat Arvind Kejriwaal in a ‘trust me, we can in any case win’ daydream. Mubasher Lucman will beat Arnab Goswami in a yelling match.


Each memon will beat Bappi Larri in wearing more gold openly. Hamza Ali Abbasi will beat Subramanian Swamy in patriotism. Each divider being utilize as open can as a part of Pakistan will overcome the Swachh Bharat development.


We are the more hip decision for individuals around the world. Pakistan always better then India. We can manufacture six Taj Mahals – regardless of the possibility that that implies spending no cash on building schools and doctor’s facilities. On the off chance that it means being superior to anything India then I am certain all individuals kicking the bucket from absence of satisfactory social insurance will get it.


India better not move us to another war. It is extremely unlikely they can crush us. We will have applications pending for visas for different nations. Each Pakistani will fly a plane over India, the distance to Australia for safe refuge.


India can’t seclude us from the West. We are the West. Each geographer on the planet will let you know that Pakistan is nearer toward the West than India.

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