Raheel Sharif Appointed as the Chief of Islamic Military Alliance

Raheel Sharif, Chief of Islamic Military Alliance

Gen (Ret) Raheel Sharif just can’t get enough to make Pakistan proud. Former Chief of Army Staff has been made the chief of 39-Nations Islamic Military coalition formed to combat terrorism.

Raheel Sharif

The news was lifted from the office of Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif and later he admitted that an agreement in this regard was finalized a few days back.

Defense Minister shared his thoughts that the decision to appoint Gen (Ret) Raheel Sharif was taken after taking the serving government into confidence and it was finalized here first.

He further said that any such assignment or posting requires proper clearance from both the government and General Headquarters (GHQ) and confirmed that the due process was followed before finalizing the agreement.

According to his opinion, that formation of such kind of alliance is a great step, as the Muslim Nation is in a spot of bother right now and needs unison among its ranks.

Raheel Sharif ‘sets three conditions’ to become head of Islamic military alliance

  1. To include Iran in the military alliance so that the organization doesn’t look sectarian in nature.
  2. He will not work under anyone’s command.
  3. He will have the mandate to act as an arbitrator if there is a need to promote harmony among Muslim countries.

The alliance was formed in 2015 by the initial step of Saudi deputy crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammad Bin Salman. A wide list of 39 major Muslim countries including Egypt, Syria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, along with other prominent countries of Asia and Africa like Turkey, Malaysia, and Bangladesh took interest to being a part of this strong alliance.

Raheel Sharif

The head quarter of this newly formed alliance is set up in the city Riyadh, the metropolitan city of Saudi Arabia.

Role of Pakistan in Islamic Military Alliance

As far as the involvement of Pakistan with the Islamic Military Alliance concern so it is not confirmed yet. The state of Pakistan showed its attention and provide abundant support to the alliance but did not allow sending the military troops to perform any operation.

Former Army Chief as the Chief of Islamic Military Alliance

It is a fact that Gen (Ret) Raheel Sharif proved himself as one of the best Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Army and played a key role to extinct the terrorism from the country. As a Chief of Islamic Military Alliance, it is a more deep liability and needs complete exactness. As a Chief, he would represent the whole nation.

We are hoping from Raheel Sharif to eliminate the terrorism from the Islamic territories and make the Pakistan proud like ever before.

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