Iqra University North Campus, An Another Milestone!

Entrance of Iqra University North Campus / Photo - Instagram: MrFahadKhan
Entrance of Iqra University North Campus / Photo – Instagram: MrFahadKhan

Shifting the gears! The new campus of Iqra University is being inaugurated named as Iqra University North Campus, which is located in the center of North! It is a great milestone for the Iqra university to achieve this kind of campus infrastructure providing various benefits for their students.

There’s been a great news all over the Internet that a new campus is emerging within a city, while, the North Nazimabad campus is still operational. The real cause of making another infrastructure is to create opportunities for the students and creating or shifting the paradigms to grab more student to make them educated. Iqra university north campus, the one which is located in North Karachi is an opportunity for the people, especially students to grab their chances to flourish.

Location ?

There are some people having a concern about the location of the new campus. Comparing with other universities like IoBM, PAF-KEIT, or DHA Suffa University, they are not just far away, but it will be a long, uncertain journey for the students living in North Karachi and wants to go there. Meanwhile, Iqra University North Campus, which is situated in the heart of North Karachi, having 17 acres land with the numerous facilities there for their students. Then why the need of going far away to study the same thing?


Classrooms and Other ?

Moreover, there are 80 fully air-conditioned and this is not just it! there is a library which we can call the largest library among all the business schools in Karachi. Furthermore, the cafeteria would be the centrally air conditioned, which detect the people in the cafeteria and sets its temperature according to the environment which made you Summers much better than ever.


More Audience, More Competition!

Why there is a need of a new campus when you have already many existing in Karachi ?


I know this question will be popping up in your mind, while reading reading this article. The simplest and the most logical reason of having this new campus is getting together more people on a higher level. For me, it’s kind of motivation pattern that you can use for your student, Like, you have this talent? then show it to the world! Would you prefer showing off your talent to a few people or the huge pool of people? obviously, huge pool of people. This is the reason of having another great campus for Iqra University.

Cafe of Iqra University North Campus /  Photo: Instagram - MrFahadKhan
Cafe of Iqra University North Campus /
Photo: Instagram – MrFahadKhan

Everything on a Large Scale

Job fair, book fairs, sports week and there are many other things which had to be on the higher level. Which needs a place that can easily afford its capacity to deliver. Iqra University North Campus, has enough space to have it inside it! Yes! it would be everything from now, which will happen in the higher and bigger scale. Not just these things, there are many things which our societies gonna show off when the time comes.

Bigger Societies, Bigger Seminars, Bigger Talent!


Societies, are the heartbeat of any university, and so does for Iqra University North Campus, we have seen that there are some societies like “Corporate Liaison Unit” their operation on the next level. Like, Most job fairs bring more opportunities for students and a big goodwill for Iqra University North Campus as well. While, “Social Media Society” is much focused on providing a platform to the emerging talent, and will be doing much bigger things in near future.

What’s New ?

There are many things which are yet to reveal, and yet to discover, this article in an introductory step for the new setup. Iqra University North Campus, on the land of 17 acres, there are many things to come, yet, it is under-construction. But, the thing to focus here is what they are offering is, a much great environment ever given by any other university, like ever. They are giving an amazing atmosphere to flourish and the reason of this campus is not just having a large space or just everything big, no! the reason of this is to create a huge pool of people, who got talent and want to do something idiosyncratic to get them proven in this era of competition.

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