‘Vampire’ Squirrel Caught on Film for 1st Time in National Park, Jakarta (Video)

Scientists have captured for the first time the “VAMPIRE SQUIRRELS” on video, which was sucking the blood of a deer, goat and such mammals.

These squirrels look like innocent animals with their soft and fluffy tails. But they are of many types, some are as long as 14 inches. One squirrel with this size was found in Indonesia’s Gunung Palung National Park, where a film was made by an infrared camera.

According to the eye witnesses, these squirrels uses the tree’s branches to jump onto the back of the neck of deer, by punching the deer’s vein with its sharp and long nails, to drink the deer’s blood. Borneo and Indonesia’s villagers claim that these squirrels can cut a big deer’s jugular vein that would cause the deer to die instantly. The villagers say that they have seen such incidents by themselves.

According to the scientist these squirrels however, are different from the ordinary squirrels, but the stories about these squirrels are false.

This Video was made by the cameras set by University of Michigan’s professor Dr. Andrew Marshall by which the false accusations could be clarified.

In Jakarta there is a squirrel expert Eric Maihard, according to him people say that squirrels attack the chickens and eat their digestive and other internal parts, and that capturing is very difficult. Experts say that they can know better about the secrets of squirrels after more researches and studies.

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