Karachi Stock Exchange is now Pakistan Stock Exchange


KARACHI: Exchanging on the recently shaped Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) starts today after what has all the earmarks of being a consistent incorporation of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock trades.

Be that as it may, the financier group is at long last hinting at intensity underneath the apparently euphoric inclination. Various Karachi-based intermediaries are angry of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) for the new principles relating to the assets that they have produced for the insurance of their stock financial specialists.

Named as the financial specialists’ assurance reserve, representatives of each of the three stock trades created cash to ensure speculators on the off chance that one of them defaulted or fled with customers’ advantages. Kept up so far under trusts, these different assets have guaranteed a similarity of dependability in money markets and “plan of action in times of pain.”

On account of the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) at any rate, more than a billion rupees drawn from the financial specialists’ security reserve has repaid the casualties of numerous defaulting dealers as of late.

Be that as it may, a ton of it will change with Lahore-and Islamabad-based agents getting to be exchanging right qualification endorsement (TREC) holders of the PSX January 11 onwards.

“Exceptional cases against the dealers of Lahore and Islamabad overshadow the measure of their particular financial specialists’ security reserves. There is an unevenness. They ought to have settled their cases before joining,” said the proprietor of a medium-size business who likewise served as a trustee for the financial specialists’ security raised money by the past KSE representatives.

Asking for secrecy dreading a reaction from the controller, he said that utilizing the raised support by Karachi intermediaries for the settlement of remarkable cases against their Lahore and Islamabad partners post-coordination is exceedingly out of line.


In an email to The Express Tribune, PSX Managing Director Nadeem Naqvi said the present size of the PSX financial specialist security reserve, which was initially raised by the intermediaries of KSE, is Rs700 million. The separate asset size of Lahore and Islamabad stock specialists added up to Rs290 million and Rs13 million, individually.

Upwards of 3,455 exceptional financial specialist cases were pending against 14 defaulted dealers of the past Lahore Stock Exchange as on November 27. These cases add up to Rs2.18 billion, which is more than 7.5 times of the Lahore specialists’ asset size.

Thus, 2,024 extraordinary financial specialist cases were pending against 17 defaulted intermediaries of the past Islamabad Stock Exchange as on November 27. Extraordinary cases add up to Rs458.6 million, more than 35 times of the Islamabad specialists’ asset size.

According to the coordination plot, all previous exceptional cases on agents will now be taken care of by a Funds Committee constituted by the SECP – a measure that is equivalent to “violating the imprint,” as indicated by some Karachi specialists.

AKD Securities Chairman Aqeel Karim Dhedhi says the SECP ought not issue mandates as to the utilization of the financial specialists’ insurance store. “I trust the new substance (PSX) ought to raise its own particular asset, in spite of the fact that it ought to at first be permitted to acquire from the first store produced by KSE merchants,” he included.

In spite of rehashed endeavors for more than one month, the SECP did not offer any remark on the issue.

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