5 Bodybuilding Laws That Should Not Be Broken


1. Lift and Obey

01-bodybuilding Lift and Obey

Working hard in the gym is a commandment that should never be broken. But there’s a clear difference between working hard in the gym, thrashing your muscles into submission with no clear strategy, and approaching training like a pro. Here are some great tips that you should add to your routine to see some dramatic results.

2. Volume Is Your Friend

02-bodybuilding Volume Is Your Friend

Training volume is something that not everyone would advocate. With so many people concerned about overtraining these days, most people maintain the structure of their workouts, staying within a certain set and rep range. Sometimes 3 sets of 12 reps just won’t cut it. Don’t be afraid to push to 5 sets even 6 sets to punish your muscles.

3. Work Your Weak Points Twice as Hard

03-bodybuilding Work Your Weak Points Twice as Hard

If you have a lagging body part then be sure to put emphasis on building that the muscle. For the most part split training will cover each of your body parts one day out of the week. But if your back or shoulders or calves are lacking then it would be best to attack the muscle group twice a week to ensure your making the development you need.

4. Both Sides Need Attention

04-bodybuilding Both Sides Need Attention

When it comes to bodybuilding symmetry is as important as definition. Sure, you could be shredded with huge muscles, but the fact remains that if you have an 18 inch right bicep and a 14 inch left bicep, chances are that your physique will look lopsided. Performing movements that work both sides of your body while at the same time being sure to give attention to your strong points.

5. No Such Thing as an Off-Season

05-bodybuilding No Such Thing as an Off-Season

Off-season? If you’re serious about getting in serious shape and remaining that way then you can’t let up on your diet and training. There are pros that relax and indulge a bit too much on the off season, packing on pounds of body fat. To be at the top of the sport, apart of the elite, you have to monitor your diet year round and train like there’s always a competition around the corner. Whether you’re a competitor or just want to remain in shape, you have to be consistent in order to maintain the lean look you seek.

Work Out Those Knots

On the road to making major gains you’re going to be putting your body through some serious torture. Along the way you’re going to have to sit down, take a break, and allow your muscles to get some rest. But why stop there? If you really want to get the most out of your rest day then you should definitely think about getting some massage work done. It’s both a great way to relax and has the added benefit of working out the kinks.

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