Student Made A Request to His Teacher Through This Beautiful Song

Students all always tried to stay away from the boring lectures and they make every possible try to make an excuse to skip the lectures in institutions.

Request through Song: For the same reason the student of prominent university of country “The Institute of Space And Technology, Islamabad” also used the most outstanding technique to divert his teacher attention from the lecture and gone famous all over the internet for his act.

The student Sohail Ahmed request his teacher for skipping the lecture in such a way that his teacher “Zainab Saleem” couldn’t refuse.


Sohail Ahmed with his other fellows makes the atmosphere of the class joyful by sang a song based on the condition of the request after the appearance of the teacher in class.

Student Made A Request to His Teacher Through Song

Zainab Saleem was fully prepared for the driving of lecture, but maybe the whole class didn’t want it and made a request to skip the lecture. Their request was so endearing that any teacher can easily be granted it.

The request was made in the form of song “Aaj Parhane ki Zid Na Karo”. The song was made by Sohail Ahmed with manipulation in original version of “Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo”. The original version of the song was given by Habeed Wali Mohammad for the Pakistani film “Badal Aur Bijli” in 1973.

The video of this act is rolling over the internet since it was released and topping the trend on social media platforms.

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