Shield Yourself From Mobile Radiation

Mobile radiation and its effects on the human body is a huge problem. But a new product is about to solve that.

The product is smaller than a five-cent piece but powerful enough to shield us from the potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones and other electronic devices.

The Qlink Mini employs patented Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), which can maintain the strength of naturally occurring protective energy systems within our bodies.


The Qlink Mini, priced at 48 dollars, is programmed with naturally occurring frequencies, which resonate with our body’s energy system just like a piano string would resonate with a tuning fork.

This then shields us from exposure to outside stresses and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which can cause sickness and disease.

Apart from radiation frequency, mobiles also generate electromagnetic fields which travel much further into the human body.

John Gearon, CEO of Qlink Australia, says the Qlink Mini is the result of many years of research.

“We created the Qlink Mini after fine tuning and testing our technology which has been scientifically proven and tested for the past 20 years,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Gearon as saying.

“We have seen over many years how the symptoms of mobile phone radiation can cause on the human energy system and on brainwave function through scientific testing.


“Mobile radiation and the effects on the human body is a huge problem and it affects everyone who uses a mobile phone.

“We designed this product to give business men and women, young adults, mums and their children the peace of mind so they can enjoy using their mobile phones with safety,” Gearon added.

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