How to Get Sparkling Eyes Naturally

In order to get rid of old, dusty and tired eyes, we bring you helpful tips that can help you have beautiful sparkling eyes, in no time at all!
Incorporate these tips in your daily life to achieve best results.

Tips for Sparkling Eyes with Home Remedies:


1. Place tea bags (Chamomile Preferably)

In a bowl of ice water for a few minutes, put them over your eyes and relax until they become warm. This refreshes your eyes.

2. Before you sleep, massage almond oil around your eyes gently.

In the morning, you’ll find the skin soft and supple.

3. Carry a spray of rosewater at all times.

When you feel tired, spray some on your face and your eyes will feel much better.

4. Alternatively, cotton pads soaked in cold rose water over the eyes also provide soothing relief and bring you a step closer to sparkling eyes!

5. Amla

Amla has Vitamin C, which is very good for the eyes. Incorporate it into your diet or soak it in water and use the water to cleanse your eyes.

Tips for Sparkling Eyes with Makeup:

SparklingEye (1)

1. Apply colors around your eyes that complement your eye color.

For example for brown eyes, bright colors like purple and turquoise are preferable.

2. Use a shimmering light colour

On the inner corner of the eyes and or under the lower lash line, right in the center. This lights up the eyes adding sparkle.

3. Always conceal your eye area before applying makeup.

For dark circles, use a lighter pink based concealer to make your eyes seem young and rested.

4. Curl your lashes with mascara

This opens up the eyes adding that sparkle.
Great groomed eyebrows will frame your eyes in a way that makes them look more beautiful.

Tips to Follow Everyday:

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1. Get enough sleep, without which your eyes will look droopy.

2. Eat foods that rich in Vitamin C and A

Like carrots, almonds, papaya and all citrus fruits are great for eye health!

3. Drinking a lot of water prevents dehydration as it can cause bloodshot eyes.

4. If you spend long hours in front of a computer screen, keep some soothing eye drops with you
to stop them from drying out or becoming red and irritated.

5. Never tug at your eyes, don’t rub them.

Your eyes and the skin around them are very delicate, so be careful!

6. Never sleep with makeup on, it causes a lot of infections.


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