What is Congo Virus? How to Save Yourself from This Virus

We have seen lots of news on Television and read on different News Papers about the word “CONGO VIRUS” .It is now hot topic now days.

What is Congo Virus? 

Expansion in Congo Fever cases is achieving their most elevated point. Congo Virus is also known as “Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)”.

congo virus infomazza

This Virus is belong to the Nair virus group. This virus commonly found in the wild animals. it additionally impacts residential animals like dairy animals, goat ,camel etc. It is at first found in Africa. It is presently found in the various parts of South Asia.

Be Careful!


You can get defiled by the Bite of a Tick, and it is comprehensively found on the skin Animals. Moreover, it can similarly be found in the spoiled Animal by the Exposure of Blood in the midst of the butchering of an Animal.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of, the contaminated Animal may look solid. However in the long run it can give you this disastrous infection regardless of the possibility that you’re simply nourishing, butchering or eating meat of that creature.

Sign and Side Effects in Animals:

There is no clear symptoms will be shown in animal of the virus. The domestic animals like camels cows, also birds are shown less symptoms. So there is less chance of getting to know which animal is have with Congo virus. On the other hand, Humans has clear symptoms to discover disease.

congo virus infomazza

Sign of Congo Virus/Fever in Human:

  • There are lots of symptoms shown when your addicted to Congo Virus. These symptoms are like High Fever, Severe Muscles Aches, Headache and Backache.
  • Indications are generally appears in 3 days in the event that you are affected by Tick. And 5 to 7 days for exposure of Blood.
  • It Symptoms are sometime similar to dengue Fever.

If you feel same signs as we discussed above, you must consult your doctor and took medicine before it take over you.

How to Save Your Self from Congo Virus:

While Buying and Feeding Animals:

  • You will use Insect repellent Lotion on your naked parts of the Body.
  • You can wear full sleeves shirts or clothes that will fully covered your body and also make sure that you wear socks when you are buying animals or feeding them.
  • Also you must take Bath or Shower after getting back Home after Buying animal from market.
  • Not to eat anything near to the animal. In some cases, the nourishment may get infection from the tainted spot or animals.

When You are Slaughtering Animal:

  • Cover your nose, mouth while slaughtering the animal. It is an important step for preventing virus.
  • Wash your hands with good soap after short interval of time while slaughtering the animal.
  • Never rub blood in your hands with other parts of the body.
  • If you have blood on your hand. Never Rub Blood on sensitive parts of the body like nose or eyes and like others.


The Eid-ul-Azha is now near. Meat may be neutralized by cooking. But The Leaked Blood or Exposed organ can be dangerous. So try to make everything clean and sharp so you cannot effected by the Virus.

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