Top 6 Most Spectacular Roads in the World

1. The Atlantic Road (Nordic: Atlanterhavsveien), Norway

The Atlantic Road is just 8 kilometers long, but world famous for its beauty. The road runs with eight bridges over fjords full of rough water, from island to island, to finally finish back on the mainland. If you can’t keep your eyes on the road due to the beautiful surroundings, you better just stop at one of the four viewpoints. Rain or shine, even during a storm the road is open, which can cause an unforgettable experience.


2. Hana Highway, Hawaii

The Hana Highway is a 109-mile road that connects Kahului to Hana, on the island of Maui (the second largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago). The road winds deep into the tropical jungle, through valleys, to ultimately complete the final leg along the steep cliffs of the coast.


3. Trollstigen (Trollpath), Norway

Trollstigen literally means ladder for a troll (troll-ladder), but roughly translated, we stick to trollpath. It started out as a narrow and dangerous mountain path that was used by shepherds and their flocks, but now it is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. It is a winding mountain road with a severe slope of less than 9%, with many hairpin turns and runs along a steep mountainside along which the Stigfossen waterfall runs (320 meters) on one side, with a breathtaking view of the valley on the other side.


4. Yungas Road, Death Road, Bolivia

Deep in the Andes lies the northern Yungas Road. But the locals use another name: El Camino de la Muerte (Road of Death). It has the dubious honor of it being officially the “world’s most dangerous road” . 200 to 300 people a year find their dead on a stretch of road of less than 60 kilometers.


5. Guoliang Tunnel, China

On top of a mountain in the Chinese province of Taihang lies the village of Guoliang which was long isolated from the rest of the world, because it was accessible only through a dangerous Indiana Jones-like trail: along deep ravines, through a sort of makeshift staircase along the mountainside and even an old suspension bridge of rope and wood. The result was that Guoliang gradually became a ghost town. Until, in 1972, the 300 residents took matters into their own hands.

Because the government refused to build a tunnel residents sold their goats and crops to buy hammers, tools and dynamite. The 1200 meter long tunnel is full of bizarre, blind corners and has no guardrail, causing hundreds of Chinese driving into the abyss because of slippery rain conditions. And if you manage to stay on the road, you should also try your best to avoid collisions on the very narrow parts where only one car at a time can pass. In China it was soon known as The Road of Death.


6. The Transfagarasan, Romania

Deeply hidden in the valleys and mountains of Transylvania is the Transfagarasan or DN7C (National road 7c). The 90-kilometer road runs through the Fagaras Mountains (hence the combination of trans and Fagaras), the highest mountains in Romania, which is part of the Transylvanian Alps. The road has more tunnels and viaducts than any other road in Romania. Jeremy Clarkson was so impressed that he described it as “The best driving experience” and “this is the best road in the world …”.


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