This New Dress can be Worn in 50 Different Ways


We all know how hard it can be to find the right dress for any event. Males and females both suffer alike, but it’s usually the females who are in the grind at such times. Especially with the Christmas season upon us and New Year just close by, the search for the right dress intensifies with each passing minute. This is where Nadia Tarr flies in and saves the day by providing females with her “Butter by Nadia” dress that can be worn in 50 different stylish ways. The versatility of this dress makes it the dress of the century! Oh and in case you’re wondering about authenticity of Nadia Tarr; Sarah Jessica Parker prefers to wear clothes designed by Nadia Tarr.


The dress is available in different lengths, colors and requires only for its material straps to be adjusted for the transformation. The wraparound straps are capable of making your dress into a halter, strapless or one shoulder style. The dress design has been inspired by the dress that Duchess of Cambridge Miss Issa wore on her engagement and is priced at £299 on the website.

The versatility of the dress is achieved by employing rayon and spandex in cloth. Making use of rayon and spandex enables the dress to retain its shape, comfort and quality. It is claimed that one size will be able to cater size 6-16 quite easily because of the ease with which it can be transformed into different styles.


‘Fashion changes so much and the Butter by Nadia dresses allow you to gain access to your dream wardrobe for all of life’s special occasions: a ball, a birthday party, a romantic date. A halter maxi dress to one event, and a strapless gown to the next – different crowd, different place, different you. Pair with wedges or ballet pumps for a contemporary day look. For night, amp up the glamour with high sandals and dazzling crystal jewelry, Our image shows just 12 of the most popular ways in which you can wear this dress. Our customers get very creative because there are in fact endless options! It’s really fun to experiment with the long ties and find a style you love.’


All in all, it is a great dress which can be worn in a number of ways and this versatility is what renders it so great. So, ladies, go out and get one for yourself.

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