Jiyali to Gharwali: Sharmila’s Fantasy Wedding Comes to Life

Pakistani MPA Sharmila Farooqi is off the Market.


Born into a political family, she’s a Pakistan People’s Party loyalist. The only other great love in her life appears to be her new husband, Hasham Riaz Sheikh, son of former Director General of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Ahmed Riaz Sheikh. A former investment banker, Hasham is now advisor to Asif Ali Zardari and spokesperson for Bilawal Bhutto.

Sharmila and Hasham met in a cabinet meeting in 2010, and in interviews the couple have said it was love at first sight. They’ve been inseparable since, with much of their courtship taking place in the public eye.

With her enthusiastic use of social media, Sharmila’s love life and now, her wedding, is very much open to scrutiny. The politician seems to relish the attention and it’s no secret she’s been yearning for her big fat desi wedding to finally become a reality.

Exclusive News:


The wait’s over now: Sharmila and Hasham got hitched yesterday, following a lavish week-long celebration. Sharmila made sure to wear a mix of hip and classic designers and, among other things, treated her guests to a performance by Sukhbir.

Here’s the lowdown on her wedding bonanza:

The Courtship:

Sharmila and Hasham are your quintessential love-dovey, demonstrative couple. They celebrate birthdays and anniversaries like they’re going out of style. It’s clear there’s nothing this couple won’t do to make each other happy… like this heart shaped flower arrangement Hasham organised for Sharmila’s birthday recently:


He even bought her a birthday cake decorated with her favourite stuff – a fondant phone, lots of Chanel accessories, pearls and lipsticks galore:


The Bridal Shower:

Soon enough, it was time for Sharmila’s bridal shower. The theme was saris, and of course, Sharmila. Here, Sharmila and her friends pose in front of a Sharmila-themed photo booth:


The bridal shower was a women’s-only affair, replete with fun accessories:


And then on to the Mayun, Ghazal Night, ‘Cavalli-Qawwali’, and Mehndi:

The first order of business was a ghazal night. Sharmila wore a yellow and green Faiza Samee outfit and her mom dolled up in pink.


At the mayun Sharmila wore an outfit by Mrs. Kazmi.


The wedding week’s highlight was Sharmila’s Roberto Cavalli themed Qawwali night — pun intended, we’re sure!

Sharmila posed in an Ali Xeeshan outfit on an animal-print panaflex dance floor. Sukhbir made a guest appearance and sang his old-time hits as well as some latest Bollywood numbers for the lovestruck couple.


For her mehndi Sharmila made a grand entrance on a horse, and wore Bunto Kazmi. The theme ‘Sharmila Ki Prem Gali’ included mannequins in traditional Sindhi gear as well as a street with a bangles corner.



All in all, the lead-up to her wedding was quite the affair.

The Main Event(s) — the Nikkah and Shaadi:

For her nikkah, Sharmila went with designer Farah Talib Aziz:


And on her shaadi Sharmila played it safe and classic in red with a Bunto Kazmi jora. Not to be outshone, husband Hasham wore a sherwani that was just as ornately embroidered as Sharmila’s outfit.


The week-long celebration was in stark contrast to how most politicians manage their ‘private’ events — keeping a low profile and such. Indeed, Sharmila and Hasham may just be Karachi’s answer to Bani Gala lovebirds Imran and Reham — and why not?
Reference: Dawn.com

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