Zainab murderer arrested: Kasur Police sources

KASUR: Police have made a major breakthrough, in a case pertaining to the grisly rape and murder, of seven-year-old Zainab in Kasur, by arresting the main suspect. ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Zainab murderer arrested: Kasur Police sources

According, to informed sources, the issue samples obtained from a suspect had matched, the samples taken from the body of the victim. Reports say the suspect named Imran, is a resident of the same area and lived in close proximity to the house of Zainab’s aunt.

Zainab’s murderer arrested: Kasur Police sources

Police claim the suspect, has confessed, to the crime. He was initially arrested when the murder came to the light, but later was released.

Reports say the culprit disappeared, from the neighborhood shortly, after his release. Police then traced and rounded him up again after some clues.

Zainab’s murderer arrested: Kasur Police sources

Father of the minor victim, Amin Ansari, confirmed, the arrested suspect lived in the same area. He also said police have not yet informed him about the arrest of the key suspect in his daughter’s rape and murder case.

On January 21, the Supreme Court gave three days’ time to a joint investigation, team formed to probe the rape and murder of Zainab to track down the culprit.

Regional Police Officer (RPO). Multan Muhammad Idrees, who is heading a joint investigation team relevant to the Kasur incident constituted to probe the incident, hence submitted a progress report to the court.

Details of Zainab’s murderer

Zainab’s murderer arrested: Kasur Police sources

Regional Police Officer, informed that Zainab’s rape and murder, was the eighth incident of similar nature that had taken place in Kasur since June 2015. So Several similar incidents, had taken place in the same city. Further more, what police had done so far to arrest culprits, the chief justice asked.

Expressing dissatisfaction, over progress, in the probe into the rape-murder, of the minor girl, a member of the bench remarked the investigators, had zeroed in on just one angle of the case. The police could probe the case in multiple traditional ways, he added.

Further more, Justice Manzoor Ahmed Malik, asked the police to focus on other angles of the case too. Reminding them that the DNA testing was not the only way to trace the culprit.

Zainab’s murderer arrested: Kasur Police sources

Zainab murderer arrested

If the police continued the probe in this way, also DNA tests of 210 million people will have to be conducted, he said.

Case Background

Zainab was abducted, on January 04 from Kasur’s Kot Road area. Five days, after her disappearance, she was found raped, dead and buried in a garbage dump, on Jan 09.

Zainab’s rape and murder, shattered the entire nation, triggering widespread public outrage, with people from all walks of life demanding, an exemplary capital punishment, for the most worthy perpetrator.

Violent protests, had erupted in the Kasur, city following the incident, resulting in the death, of two people in police firing outside DC office.

The incident blew, the lid on the horrifying reality, of how children in a brutalized, society are vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Zainab murderer arrested

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