Top 10 Motorcycles of the Future

More and more people change a car to a motorcycle. And as the technology evolves, motorcycle manufacturers are trying to please every “biker”. Manufacturers have focused their attention on the creation of the so-called “Motorcycle of the Future”. These models remind unusual copies from a science fiction movie. Below is the top 10 of these innovative inventions of the future, though they can be used today.

1. Honda V4


Honda V4, a motorcycle, which was presented in 2008 at a bike show in Germany, is a stylish futuristic sport bike which is a bit against the generally accepted ideas about bikes. It offers a completely new design direction for the brand Honda.

2. Suzuki G-Strider


Suzuki G-Strider was first seen in 2003 at the Tokyo Motor Show. This concept motorbike is best described as half road bike, half-scooter.

3. I.Care


This bike is the best example of modern technology where design helps to develop the speed. It was designed in France to develop high-speed on the roads.

4. Victory Vision 800


This bike is one of the most powerful. It is suitable for city races and riding on the track. By the way, it is already popular among fans for its durability and reliability.

5. Yamaha Tesseract


Yamaha Tesseract is a motorcycle that was presented at the Yamaha 2008 Tokyo Motor Show. Yamaha has made this model with V-shaped electric motor.

6. Peraves Monotracer


Peraves Monotracer is extremely unusual closed motorcycle. Thanks to sports, aerodynamic appearance and low fuel consumption, it is very comfortable on long distances.

7. Bombardier Embrio


“Embrio” is a kind of one-wheeled motorcycle presented by Bombardier in 2003, now it is only conceptual design. If the producers will still produce this model, it will not be available until 2025.

Despite the apparent singularity, a motorcycle can reach enormous speeds.

8. Batpod


This monster works by using water cooling technology, single-cylinder engine is focused on the rapid acceleration. It looks a little heavyweight, but it is only at first glance, it has only to accelerate, and it will leave behind any “light” model.

9. Dodge Tomahawk


Dodge Tomahawk is a kind of moto mobil from Dodge. For his mad look and potential Widowmaker Dodge was later called “Tomahawk”. The bike was first seen in 2003 in one of the Detroit auto salons.

10. Confederate Renovatio


Motorcycle Renovatio is a radical bike, designed by top designers of America.

This is one of the very minimalist motorcycles, however, none of the functions of the bike was not lost. Moreover, despite the appearance, it is quite convenient.

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