Lower than one Million income people to be declared tax deduction of 100 mobile Card

Tax Deduction On Mobile Cards

Lower than one Million income people to be declare tax deduction of 100 mobile Cards and on mobile recharges. Cabinet and Division auruzart demand for the information technology David Achakzai authorities’ implementation.

First of all the Mobile companies will be require to get all the details of when the SIM user. Furthermore the committee Convener upper summoned the Cabinet  Division auruzart information technology. Because in the next meeting for a briefing on the legislative House Islamabad (ANI) Subcommittee. Cut motions delegated powers to the government guidance issued to persons of low income from Rs 1 lakh to exempt from Rs 25 tax deductible.

Meeting Of PTA About Tax Deduction

Is to charge buy mobile card 100 or if they recharge. Senator Daud Khan Achakzai PTA directs the mobile companies are bound to the SIM the time to found all details of the user. The user so that the consumer’s income is not low tax cut he next meeting for a briefing on the propose legislation in this regard.

The Cabinet Division auruzart information technology was also buy. It hold parliamentary committee chaired by Senator Daud Khan Achakzai House Committee. The meeting was attend by Senators. Kalsoom Parveen, Javed Abbasi, Secretary of the Ministry of IT. The officers attended the synytr Javed Abbasi said Mr. MacKenzie tariff PTA regulations under the Act and the administrative and financial work of the PTA Kalthoum said Praveen Athaya.

Some question of the Rules Committee to be in conflict with regulations of the Cabinet Division auruzart Acts. Because the Senator Daud Khan Achakzai at the next meeting to take matters detailed overview of information technology involved in it. Now the PTA officials were briefing the Committee actually warned PTA autonomous institution under the Act.

Hence the regulation regarding taxes with FBR several meetings has hold. The TA consultant suggest assigning FBR formats ECP under Rules. Mostly companies completed work on 120 days in the fiscal year subject to audit roles regulation, complaints mechanism, operators, service and closing mechanism of the prize scheme.

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Lower than one Million income people to be declared tax deduction of 100 mobile Card

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