Apple Teams Up with Pakistani Musician, Artist for iPad Art Demo


It isn’t astounding that Apple has reserved in gifted artist Usman Riaz to exhibit a live demo of his craftsmanship and offer with groups of onlookers — not just do his fingers work enchantment on a guitar and piano, yet he likewise has distraught drawing aptitudes.

The most youthful TedGlobal Fellow – from Karachi — will be giving a live demo of his fine art process for up and coming enlivened film The Glassworker, alongside different works utilizing the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and ‪Paper‬ by FiftyThree‬.

Usman shared the poster of the event with fans:

He will be joined by Rachel Romano of the FiftyThree group who will likewise share tips on benefit-ting as much as possible from the application that permits craftsmen to make workmanship in a radical new manner.

Those intrigued can RSVP “HERE”.

He likewise shared a teaser of his prospective enlivened motion picture on his Facebook page, Mano Animation Studios, the unique one-minute teaser of which will make a big appearance at TED 2016:

For select elements on the advancement of The Glassworker and also reports on the kick-starter crusade close by in the background photos of the group and liveliness being done in Pakistan, subscribe to their mailing list by means of their Facebook page.

Look at some of Usman’s iPad works of art here:

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