Top 10 Biggest Cities Of Pakistan

Here is the list of top ten biggest cities of Pakistan with population.

1. Karachi


Population – 13 205 339

Known as the city of lights

2. Lahore


Population – 9,129,609

Famous for its food and known as city of gardens

3. Faisalabad

faisalabad city

Population – 4,271,924

Famous for its cotton industry

4. Rawalpindi

rawalpindi city

Population – 2,424,983

(Tried to find anything famous about Rawalpindi but didn’t fine any) Help me on this please.

5. Multan

multan city

Population – 2,050,046

Famous for its Delicious mangoes, exported all over the world and shrines of Sufi saints

6. Hyderabad


Population – 1 578 367

Famous for its biryani, known as Hyderabadi Biryani

7. Gujranwala

Gujranwala city

Population – 1384471

Famous for its industry

8. Peshawar

peshawar city

Population – 1,930,305

Famous for Charsi Tikka.

9. Quetta


Population – 733675

Quetta is famous for its Wild Tulips

10. Bahawalpur


Population 643950

Famous for its Handicrafts and Palaces

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